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MODELLING OF SLURRY ABSORBER FOR BIOMIMETIC CO2 CAPTURE 1-gen-2014 Russo, M. E.; Diglio, G.; Bareschino, P; Chirone, R.; Olivieri, G.; Salatino, P.
Modelling of fixed-bed absorption on NA-X Zeolite 1-gen-2014 Bareschino, P; Diglio, G; Penna, V; Pepe, F.
BIOMIMETIC CO2 CAPTURE: THEORETICAL STUDY OF SLURRY ABSORBER 1-gen-2014 M. E., Russo; Bareschino, P; Diglio, G.; Olivieri, G.; Chirone, R.; Salatino, P.; Marzocchella, A.
Gas and solid flow patterns in the loop-seal of a circulating fluidized bed 1-gen-2014 Bareschino, P; Solimene, R; Chirone, R; Salatino, P
Performance of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell short-stack with biogas feeding 1-gen-2014 Papurello, D; Borchiellini, R; Bareschino, P; Chiodo, V; Freni, S; Lanzini, A; Pepe, F; Ortigoza, G A; Santarelli, M
Mathematical modeling of a two-stage fuel reactor for chemical looping combustion with oxygen uncoupling of solid fuels 1-gen-2015 Coppola, Antonio; Solimene, Roberto; Bareschino, Pietro; Salatino, Piero
Modelling of a rotary desiccant wheel: Numerical validation of a Variable Properties Model 1-gen-2015 Bareschino, P; Diglio, G; Pepe, F; Angrisani, G; Roselli, C; Sasso, M
Numerical simulation of hydrogen production by chemical looping reforming in a dual interconnected fluidized bed reactor 1-gen-2016 Bareschino, P.; Diglio, G.; Mancusi, E.; Pepe, F; Solimene, R.; Salatino, P.
Simulation of hydrogen production through chemical looping reforming process in a packed-bed reactor 1-gen-2016 Diglio, Giuseppe; Bareschino, P; Mancusi, E; Pepe, F
Modeling of slurry staged bubble column for biomimetic CO2 capture 1-gen-2016 Maria Elena, Russo; Bareschino, P; Giuseppe, Olivieri; Riccardo, Chirone; Piero, Salatino; Antonio, Marzocchella
Pyrolysis, Combustion, and Fragmentation Model of Coal Particles: Preliminary Results 1-gen-2016 Senneca, O; Urciuolo, M; Bareschino, P; Diglio, G; Pepe, F; Chirone, R
Chemical Looping Reforming: Impact on the Performances Due to Carbon Fouling on Catalyst 1-gen-2016 Diglio, G.; Bareschino, P.; Mancusi, E.; Pepe, F
Improving the thermal performance of fluidized beds for concentrated solar power and thermal energy storage 1-gen-2016 Salatino, P; Ammendola, P; Bareschino, P; Chirone, R; Solimene, R
Numerical Study of a MIL101 Metal Organic Framework Based Desiccant Cooling System for Air Conditioning Applications 1-gen-2017 Bareschino, Pietro; Diglio, Giuseppe; Pepe, Francesco; Angrisani, Giovanni; Roselli, Carlo; Sasso, Maurizio
Traditional brick productions in Madagascar: From raw material processing to firing technology 1-gen-2017 Grifa, C; Germinario, Chiara; De Bonis, A; Mercurio, Mariano; Izzo, Francesco; Pepe, F; Bareschino, Pietro; Cucciniello, C; Monetti, V; Morra, V; Cappelletti, Piergiulio; Cultrone, G; Langella, A
Numerical assessment of the effects of carbon deposition and oxidation on chemical looping combustion in a packed-bed reactor 1-gen-2017 Diglio, G.; Bareschino, P.; Mancusi, E.; Pepe, F
Sensitivity Analysis in the Design of a Packed-Bed Reactor for a Chemical Looping Combustion Process 1-gen-2017 Diglio, G.; Bareschino, P; Mancusi, E.; Pepe, F.
Modelling of a zeolite-rich tuff desiccant wheel 1-gen-2017 Bareschino, P; Pepe, F; Diglio, G
Techno-economic analysis of sorption-enhanced steam methane reforming in a fixed bed reactor network integrated with fuel cell 1-gen-2017 Diglio, G.; Hanak, D. P.; Bareschino, P.; Mancusi, E.; Pepe, F; Montagnaro, F.; V. Manovic.,
Numerical simulation of hydrogen production by chemical looping reforming in a dual fluidized bed reactor 1-gen-2017 Diglio, G; Bareschino, P; Solimene, R; Mancusi, E; Pepe, F; Salatino, P
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