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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Strategie di lettura in lingua inglese per scopi speciali: percorsi didattici interattivi 1-gen-2003 Napolitano, A
Errare è umano, perseverare è “automatico 1-gen-2003 Napolitano, A
Un progetto Ricerca-Azione nella Scuola Superiore. Improving Oral Communication 1-gen-2003 Napolitano, A
A Practical Approach to ESP – Teaching Legal English in a University Setting 1-gen-2005 Napolitano, A
Co-Teaching and Group Dynamics for ESP Mixed Abilities Adult Classes 1-gen-2006 Napolitano, Antonella; J. E. A., Siddons
Researching the Action – Experimenting good teaching practices at ITI Pozzuoli 1-gen-2006 Napolitano, A
Thinking Dictations. The use of dictation as a diagnostic tool in the English language class 1-gen-2006 Napolitano, A
Communities, Boundaries and New Neighbours: the Discursive Construction of EU Enlargement 1-gen-2008 Napolitano, A; Caliendo, G.
The Language of Advertising in the teaching of English 1-gen-2008 Napolitano, A
Researching the Action 1-gen-2009 Napolitano, A
Consumers at the heart of Europe: Language practices and identity building strategies Globalization 1-gen-2010 Napolitano, A; Caliendo, G.
Denying Identity to the Unified Europe. A Neo-Conservative View from the United States 1-gen-2011 Napolitano, A; Donadio, P.
From Primary Legislation to public presence. The language of Gay rights: from legislation to lobbying 1-gen-2013 Napolitano, A; Hughes, B.
A Question of Training: Issues of language and power in formal police investigative interviews 1-gen-2014 Napolitano, A; Hughes, B.
Same stork, different nests - Same-sex parenting as re-contextualized social practice in primary legislation and advisory literature 1-gen-2015 Napolitano, A; Hughes, B.
Looking for EU identities: communicating the EU job market 1-gen-2016 Napolitano, A; Donadio, P.
The Power of Feedback: A Comparative Discourse Analysis of TripAdvisor Reviews by Expert and Novice Users in the UK and Italy 1-gen-2017 Napolitano, Antonella; Aiezza, Maria Cristina
"If Only Everything in Life Was as (Un)reliable as a Volkswagen”. A CDA of the Online Popularisation of the Diesel-gate Notices of Violation 1-gen-2018 Napolitano, Antonella; Aiezza, Maria Cristina
Love is in the (H)Air. A Discourse Analysis of Hair Product Advertising 1-gen-2018 Napolitano, Antonella
Introduction 1-gen-2018 Napolitano, Antonella
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